August 5

3 tips to stop killing your figpop at up potting


One of the most common issues when potting plants from cuttings is killing them in the process. Figpops are not immune to that problem.
This can be frustrating, especially if you’ve taken the time and effort to propagate the cuttings in the first place. There are a few things that can cause this to happen:

  • One is simply not giving the cutting enough water. The roots of a cutting are very delicate and need to be kept moist in order to survive. If the soil around the cutting dries out, the cutting will likely die.
  • Another common issue is not using the proper potting mix. A potting mix that is too heavy or too light can also cause problems for cuttings. A potting mix that is too heavy can compact around the roots and suffocate them. A potting mix that is too light can dry out too quickly and also cause the roots to dry out.
  • Also too much water is often the issue, I know it’s hard both too much and too little water can kill a cutting…. Don’t worry I will outline the best way to get perfect even moisture below!
  • Finally, one of the most common reason figpops die on up potting is change of environment. Up potting is already a stress event for the plant. If at the same time, you also change temperature, sun light, wind or any other environmental change, you’re increasing the chance of losing your figpop!

Easy steps to ensure success when up potting your fig cuttings

  • Prepping your mix and making sure it’s well aerated is key for a successful figpop. Just add 25% perlite or pumice to any mix to ensure that it’s well aerated.
  • Make sure you pre-wet your mix too–add water a few ounces at a time until the mix feels wet but not damp. It’s important that the humidity is evenly distributed.
  • Use scissors to carefully break open your figpop. Gently does it! If your cutting is too entangled in the figpop, it’s better to make some large cuts in the plastic and leave it on while planting.
  • Fill up your new pot until it’s at the depth of your figpop. Place your figpop in the pot, and then backfill around it.
  • Don’t water! There’s plenty of moisture and watering will increase the chances of rotting while destroying air pockets in the mix. Instead, move the pot around and tap it on the hard surface to spread out your mix.
  • Keep the newly potted fig tree in a similar environment to what it was before for a few weeks to minimize stress.

Check out this video, up potting an Azores Dark figpop. So satisfying!

Up Potting an Azores Dark from a Fig Pop to a 1 gallon rootmaker knit fabric bag

With these easy steps, you can successfully up pot your fig cuttings without killing them. Just be sure to give them enough water, use the right potting mix, and don’t change their environment too much.

There are many ways to grow figs from cuttings, if you’re curious, this page has a great discussion on different methods.


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